I need to disable CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP in the debian 3.8.13-bone67 make menuconfig.

According to help this is synonymous with the menuconfig entries:

-- OMAP serial port support
- Console on OMAP serial port

I cant turn off these entries.
Is it possible?

According to Gilles Chanteperdrix at Xenomai, these entries must be disabled to use the xeno-16550A serial driver.

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Terje Froysa

Just rebuild with those config's disabled.. It's then up to you give
the kernel the correct ttyxyz string for xenomai..


Ok thanks,

Problem is that the -*- marks can’t be altered in the menuconfig character graphics.
How do I turn off these settings?
Do I have to edit the .config file?


Not being able to disable the CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP in the make menuconfig, I edited the .config file and re-compiled the kernel.

Despite this, the CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP is not disabled and has reappeared with:


What can I do to disable the SERIAL_OMAP?

Please advice.

I have the seem problems, Not being able to disable the CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP in the make menuconfig
Do you have a solutions?

Hello Cédric,

To disable CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP you have to remove its dependency first.

(The -*- indicates a dependency to other settings)

This is done by removing the “Typical OMAP configuration” first.

Here is my way of e.g. disabling URAT0 based on the graphical “make menuconfig” interface:

· Disable UART0 by:

o In: System TypeàOMAP2/3/4 Specific Features

§ Remove “Typical OMAP configuration”

o In: Device DriversàCharacter devicesàSerial drivers

§ Remove the “OMAP serial port support”

§ Remove the “Console on OMAP serial port”

· Compile and install the new kernel.

If you prefer to edit the .config file use the “menuconfig” help to find the keywords of the config file.

Good luck!

Best regards