disable X in beaglebone and boot my Qt application

Could anyone explain me how to disable the automatic graphical boot.
I need to boot automaticaly my Qt program in the main screen but I don’t know where I have to put the boot line to start my application.
Thanks in advance.

When you find out let me know…

In the latest Angstrom it seems that the GNOME Display Manager (gdm) starts as a result of /etc/rc5.d/s99gdm


Latest Angstrom uses systemd as init manager, so scripts in /etc/rc* are ignored. I’ve tried out to act on that files, but nothing changes. Finally I found out that this command works:

systemctl disable gdm.service


Hi , I was just thinking of same issue, I’m new to QT, I’ve made my first test , and would like to run it at the startup, in Windows world I knew that you can add your software as shell as explorer, how does that imply on Ubuntu ? any guide ? Thx