Disabling booting in beagle board

Iam facing problem with connecting JTAG to the beagle board, it mentioned that disable u-boot to resolve that issue in Davinci EVM. so for this i want to disable the u-boot in beagle board. suggest me to how to disable the u-boot on connecting board. is there any way of disabling u-boot with out erasing nand flash or suggest me the right way.

The processor in the Beagle boots from ROM. UBoot boots from either NAND or the SD card. In reality, the XLoader is loaded before UBoot. You could remove the SD card and hold the user button down which will cause the internal ROM to look for the SD card first which i snot there.


I did same as u said, but it again booting from NAND saying that U-
boot.bin not found in mmc and
Now I want to erase the Nand Flash, if erase is done, suggest me how
to Reprogram U-boot again in Nand.



it should be "u-boot.bin" not "U-boot.bin". User button always load
u-boot from mmc. Sometimes, you need make sure your vfat partition is
already. It happens to me all the time the vfat is damaged. You have
to format it again.

You need to hold the user button for a while. You can release the
button when u-boot start to count down. If you really need to erase
the NAND, you can google beagleboard recovery. There are many links.

Good luck.

in u-boot issue the command “nand erase” and remove a SD card. The CPU will never boot

2010/3/10 Chao You <you.chao@gmail.com>