Disabling LED of the AUDIO cape...


I want to disable the LEDs auf the audio cape in a way, that
the BBB and the software "think" that they were never there.
I am a little concerned about frying any hardware, because
I read about the possibility to kill a LCD7 A2 by leaving
HDMI/eMMC enabled.

I would remove any reference of the LEDs and the gpios
they were using from this file:
fragment@1 would be removed completly.
All othere fragments would be renamed from fragment@<n>
to fragment@<n-1>

Would this be ok?
How can I force the recompilation of the dts files?

Best regards,

PS: I want the changes be integrated directly into the kernel
sources instead of using overlays to get introduce the
changes a soon as possible to the hardware right after boot start.