Disabling P9_30 in (GEN4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB) .dts to use SPI

Dear Developers,

I am using GEN4-4DCAPE-70CT-CLB on BeagleBone Black (BBB) Rev C with following debian image on BeagleBone.


Further Details of OS running on BBB is given below.

PRETTY_NAME=“Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)”

NAME=“Debian GNU/Linux”


VERSION=“9 (stretch)”





Now in my project I want to use SPI1 on beagleBone black in parallel to 4D Cape LCD.

When I try to enable SPI1 on BBB using following line in nEnv file.


Then I notice that LCD Cape stop working (I do not see anthing on LCD.)

It may be because LCD Cape share P9_30 (For Optional Down button) with SPI1_D1 pin and when SPI 1 is configured using uboot then setting done by Cape LCD driver is overidden by SPI configuration and LCD stops working.

So can you please inform me how can I disable configuration for P9_30 in LCD .dts file

On my BBB I have found „BB-BONE-4D7C-01-00A1.dts“ file which may be configuring BBB port pins for LCD but I did not find configuration for P9_30 pin in this dts.

So can you please inform me how can I disable use of P9_30 by BB-BONE-4D7C-01-00A1.dts.

Thanks and regards

Saurabh Jain