Display port Problem

Hello All,

I am using BeagleBoard for booting up Android. We use it as the
Android device.
This is the second time I'm buying the Beagleboard. The first time I
bought it, I could work on it for 4 months and then the Display prot
the DVI port was damaged, it stoped working. After that I got a new
one, again in a span of 6 months I'm having the same issue, today the
display port has stopped working. Has anybody faced the same issue?
Please let me know and I would be thankful if anybody could provide
some advice regarding the same.

Thanks and Regards,
Aparna Gopinath

We have not seen this issue, but if you do plug in a display with the Beagle powered on, it can damage the port. That is the reason the manual says not to do that. What happens is that the signal gets downgraded a few millivolts and on some displays it has trouble detecting the signals properly. You can even take a “bad” board and put it on another display, typically a cheaper one, and it works perfectly.

My advice is to follow the manual and do not plug the display into the board with the board powered on. Over time it will damage the signal enough to matter.