Display resolution on boot on Beaglebone AI-64

I have display resolution issues when using the Beaglebone AI-64 on my 4k monitor.

When I finally finally get the monitor to the Display Port the resolution looks like a PC XT resolution.
Is there a way to tell the debian boot to mind its own business and always set the correct resolution and not assume that I am using the cheapest display available?
The monitor is a 4k 32 inch monitor which I use normally with my mac Studio M2 on the HDMI1 port.

I didn’t find any way to impose a display size like I do on my ArchLinux or MAC.
On ArchLinux I change the display to a slightly lower resolution, it is not possible on that debian, I have to change the DPI

The default when it identifies the display is text that is so small to be unreadable.


I found some easily found commands to test and change resolution…on the fly (may be more difficult than how I am stating things…).

xdpyinfo | grep 'dimensions:'

The above command will show your actual pixelated formatted dimension(s)…

If you have a graphics card, I am out. I know way too little so far about the graphics on the TDA4VM.

But…when in doubt:

inxi -G

That inxi -G command will output some valuable data about the GPU if accessible…


P.S. Good luck!



% man xrandr
$ man xdpyinfo

Those commands will show you some pretty deep articles on each, separate command and the usage behind them. I have not fully or successfully attached any resolution monitor (recently) to the BBAI-64.

I had one Mac Monitor attached but my personal connection was iffy. I could not get more into it at the time. The Mac Monitor is now gone…so. Yea, I am out on resolution games for now.


# This is all from nixCraft online

xrandr -s <size>/<width>x<height>

So, something like this may help:

xrandr --size 1366x768 && xrandr --listmonitors

Then, to handle the exchange in formatting:

xrandr --setmonitor eDP-1-1 --size 2560x1440

But I suggest a reasonable skim or good read of the man pages.

So one of the issues on the AI-64, is the cadence firmware for the displayport ip… On initial startup, this won’t be available till late in the boot-up. Now the other issue could be using 5.10.x, vs 6.1.x/6.6.x/mainline…