Displaying a bit map file on the beagleboard

Hi all,

I am new to the Linux in general. I need help to learn how to display an 18 bit color bit map file in u-boot in Beagleboard. I also need help how to create an 18 bit color BMP file. Do we use GIMP and save it as a header file? Please help.


You are right, you can save the BMP file as header and use it refresh the frame buffer.

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Dear Robin,

Thank you for replying to my post. I am sorry I was away for a while and I missed your reply. Let me ask you this question please. If I save it as a header file but how do I specify it in GIMP that save the image in 18 bit color?



Hi John,

Did you get success in your problem.? i get stuck at same point…


Hi Vincen,

Sorry I was not checking my email. I missed yours. What is your question that I might be able to help you.