DISTRO="??" for Ubuntu

Given that the angstrom distribution website appears to be down at the moment
i've ended up installing ubuntu on my beagle board, and i'm slowly making
progress using openembedded and bitbake to build a hello world app for it.

however, i have no idea what to set the DISTRO= field in the local.conf files
to. For the angstrom distro it would be DISTRO="angstrom-2010.x".

Any help would be much appreciated!!


Which is why the http://beagleboard.org/angstrom mirror exists

Must be a destiny thing. Both the links off that page come up blank for me.


The magnificent mr Kridner fixed that just now

... and there was much rejoicing!

DNS should update soon to point to the backup server as well.

Thank you for the info, Koen. My previous message do not need a reply now.