Dlink DWA110 USB Wifi adapter with latest Angstrom on Beagle


I have a DLink DWA USB Wifi adapter that I intend to use with Beagle.

I have used http://amethyst.openembedded.net/~koen/narcissus/ for an Angstrom build.
During the process of detecting the hardware it complained that the firmware was not present. I downloaded the firmware for this from this ralink’s support site: Firmware RT2501USB(RT2571W/RT2671) and copied it to /lib/firmware.

Now, iwlist scan successfully detects my network. However, it fails to get the IP address, in all these conditions:

  • no security configured, dhcp
  • static ip
  • wep/ wpa/ wpa2

If its a datapoint, this USB wifi adapter works off the shelf on my Ubuntu desktop.

Can someone help me find the problem with this please? Has anyone got wifi working with this network adapter?

Btw, my uImage is the same as this link: uImage-2.6.28-r17-beagleboard.bin.