DLNA Client for telveision.

I have been trying to find a cheap method of serving media to my televisions.

Here is my current setup: I have a PC running TVErsity (under Windows) and another running MediaTomb (under KUbuntu) which stream media quite delightfully to my PlayStation 3 and my dumb television.

I have three other rooms which could use a TV in them and I’d like to use a projects board to create a client which can do the same thing. A PS3 uses a lot of power - way more than Beagle Board or RPi.

All I can seem to find are ways to turn a Beagle Board into a DNLA +server_ - I want a client. I am familiar with Ubuntu but I can use Debian if need be. I am an expert with PLCs and .Net but have no experience whatsoever with Beagle Boards.

I need a starting point. I’d like to start with a full system and then experiment at will. Oh, and I really know very little about DLNA itself so I’d like to start with a working solution and then break it enough to understand what I’m doing.

Yeah, I’d also need to include Wi-Fi at some point (don’t ask for much, do I?)

How hard would it be to add in a programmable remote?

Full web access later might be nice, but streaming from my server is the most important bit.

And in a totally unrelated bit: does anyone know of spaceship models (Star Wars prefferred) that will fit a Beagle Board well? This is only the first of several projects I want to try.

The BBB lacks support for hardware video decoding so it is likely that
you'll have trouble getting a sufficient framerate at a normal TV
resolution, say 720p.

I've heard of people using RPi's for their media center clients as it does
have hardware video decode support. Other options that should work are
Intel's NUC and the minnow board (although I haven't tested either of these
with video decoding and can't recall reading about it).


TVersity has the option to transcode. Would that work?

If not, could you point me at an appropriate RPi page? I have the same problem where I keep finding servers and not clients.

My Google-Fu is weak. :frowning:

A colleague who is co-authoring a book with me suggested this link:


Thanks to Glen Vander Veer J

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Thanks. I will look into it. I appreciate the help.