DLP pico projector not working with beagle board after connection to computer monitor


I am using the beagle board with the DLP pico projector by Texas

When I first connected the projector with the beagle board, it worked
fine. Then I connected the output from the beagle board to my computer
monitor which worked fine.

When I reconnected the beagle board output to the pico projector, it
stopped working. The pico projector has hung up on the DLP screen.
Though the same beagle output works perfectly fine with the monitor.

I was told that the pico porjector does not have an EDID, hence once
the beagle board is connected to the monitor the EDID is configured
for the monitor which the pico projector is not able to change.

But this problem should have been solved when I used a different SD
card to boot the beagle board on which the computer monitor has not
been connected as an output device. But the pico projector is still
not working.

Please help.

It sounds as if you may have damaged the DVI-D framer on the board. I do not recommend hotplugging the DVI-D connector which it sounds like you have done. Onsome monitors it is fine, but on others it may be an issue.