DMAI for processing audio

I’m working up an exercise that shows how to get audio into and out of the Beagle. I have examples working that use OSS[1] and ALSA[2]; however I see that TI has some workshops [3] that use DMAI [4,5]. DMAI looks like a nice wrapper that abstracts the audio layer. Setup with DMAI looks much simpler than with ALSA.

Should I be converting my examples to DMAI? What’s that easiest way to install it on the Beagle? Do I need to run a special kernel? Can I develop DMAI apps on the Beagle (rather than cross compiling)?

Thanks for your help.




I believe DMAI is an interface to exchange data between the ARM and
the DSP. You don't need it to "input" or "output" audio.

For audio input and output, you should use ALSA (or OSS) and use DMAI
if you want to process this data on the DSP.

In that case, I think the easiest way to do this would be using
gstreamer, so that you could have a pipeline that reads audio from the
ALSA input, sends to a gst block that would use DMAI to communicate
with the DSP, then back to ARM, and then send the audio to the ALSA

Marco Casaroli

Hell no! DMAI is a hack that only exist to paper over broken drivers and is going away. If you use sound, use alsa.