dmesg messages

and change
to either of these two,
This is a bit mask. The “4” value produces the plentiful HDM connector messages, so by subtracting 7-4=3 you remove the offending messages.


Thank you … those messages in dmesg were getting annoying!


Not doing it for me. Tried both on a fresh install of 2013-09-04 image.

Hate to think of it as eating up the limited amount of flash storage.

I’ve found that in more recent releases the BEAGLEBONE partition is not mounted by default.

In case it’s not, you should mount it first,
mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /media/BEAGLEBONE
before trying to edit the uEnv.txt file.

What I found in mine, with the 2013-09-04 image that it came with, is that:

  1. The partition is mounted, but it’s mounted on “/media/BEAGLEBONE_”. The non-underscore mount point is present but unused.

  2. Changing the value worked, but only after a reboot.

One does of course wonder why it considers reporting status non-changes to be useful, even with the bit set. :slight_smile: