Do I have a bad board b/c P8 is hot???

When I (USB) power on the BBB the P8 expansion header has something (I assume a very low voltage) coming through it? I can tell it’s active by the faint flicker I get when connecting an LED into any of the pins. I’ve tried to shut it down via exporting gpio & in cloud9 as well but none of the pins respond. Also, when I try to flash an LED on that side there is no change in the board function. I don’t have an oscilloscope or any means to measure how much or what is exactly coming out of the pins. Do you guys think I have a bad board (short) or is there something else I’ve overlooked? Other than this hiccup, the board appears to be working fine. Thanks

Yes there are voltages on those pins as indicated in The System reference Manual and the datasheet. for the processor. All pins are contented to something. You can also look at eh schematic and see that as well.