I've some trouble using bitbake and OE.

I've library (jvoip) headers, and I need the .so and .a library.

I edit my bb file in this way

PR = "r0"

SRC_URI = "file://jvoipconfig.h"

do_stage () {

  oe_libinstall -a -so libjvoip ${STAGING_LIBDIR}
  oe_libinstall -m 0644 jvoipconfig.h ${STAGING_INCDIR}

but when I run bitbake -b /path/ I have some errors in
do_stage step

oe_libinstall: cd /pathoe/tmp/work/armv7a-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/
oe_libinstall: install -d path/oe/tmp/staging/armv7a-angstrom-linux-
oe_libinstall: install -m 0644 libjvoip.a /path/oe/tmp/staging/armv7a-
install: cannot stat `libjvoip.a': No such file or directory

I can't understand where is the mistake.
Can anyone help me?

And is there a libjvoip.a file?



No, there is not. I have the .a file but not for arm compiler. Is this
ok ?

No, there is not this file. I have only a .a file, but not for arm
compiler. Is this the correct one ?

No, there is not this file.

If the file isn't there, why are you surprised that the command fails?

You are right, but the do stage step does not provide to make the a
and so file?

Where can I take the so and a file required? How can I obtain these
libraries for my BB?

thanks for your help!!

I've created the required file in the path indicated by the log.

But now the error is

"FATAL: oe_libinstall: unable to locate shared library"