documentation: so you just unwrapped your new BBB ...

for the purpose of documenting every step related to the beaglebone
black in order to assist someone remotely setting up a training room
full of BBBs for future embedded linux courses, i've started a few
wiki pages. in order to use the BBB for training, it's important that
someone in another location be able to get a shipment of these things
and, at the very least, plug them into linux dev hosts in a classroom
and confirm that everything looks good before i arrive.

  so here's my outrageously basic "unwrapping your BBB" wiki page,
written furiously over the last hour, which i'll use as the basis of
telling someone how to make sure everything seems to work:

lots more followup pages coming shortly, is there anything else that
can be added to that page a remote IT setup guy might care about?