documenting putting android on the beagleboard from scratch

i'm giving a short (40-minute) tutorial on the beagleboard at this
year's ontario linux fest in less than three weeks and, as the major
part of that talk, i'd like to demo putting android on the board (C3

  to that end, i'd like to document the entire process (step by step)
of how to do that, and while there's copious documentation out there,
it's often scattered, incomplete, out of date or just wrong. my goal
is to start with a laptop with a fresh installation of fedora
(possibly fedora 12 alpha x86_64, just for the extra challenge), plus
a C3 beagleboard right out of the box, then document what has to be
installed on the laptop in terms of a development environment,
toolchain and so on, followed by getting into checking out the
appropriate repos, keeping them current, and the build process.

  so where's a good place to start? i'm already aware of the embinux
port so that will provide *some* of what i need. i've also been
checking out and, and trying to summarize how
to roll together the essential information.

  simply put, i want to be able to present a recipe that just flat out
*works* if someone is starting from zero. so, as a start, what's an
appropriate toolchain if i want a prebuilt one? i can see both 32-bit
and 64-bit versions here:

can anyone verify that those are compatible with building android?
and, in addition, i'd also want to document how to build a toolchain
if one is so inclined.

  anyway, i'm sure you get the idea -- a step-by-step recipe -- unless
there's one out there already that's been validated. thanks.



thats a good initative …

the various android version maintained by 0xdroid and embinux.

a single android tree comprising of both 0xdroid and embinux, specific to beagle board and its clone’s like devkit, beagle buddy’s can also be added and maintained.

Moving toolchain related discussion to the EMBINUX mailing list....


Robert P. J. Day wrote: