does a yocto build for xM have support for uEnv.txt file?

not at my dev machine right now so i hope someone has a quick answer
for this. since the beagle xM is one of the reference boards for
yocto, i'd like to use yocto to build baseline images for my xM (rev

  as i *recall* (distant memory), a yocto build for the beagle doesn't
generate a uEnv.txt environment file, but does the generated u-boot
image have support for a uEnv.txt file? if it doesn't, that would be
kind of a nuisance. thanks.


The position of the people is still: don't use the beagleboard stuff from meta-yocto, but from meta-ti. We do not support the meta-yocto stuff and hence this is the wrong place to ask about it.