Does anyone have Angstrom qt toolchain for 32 bit Linux?

Angstrom website is down, and I am not managing to download the Qt toolchain for Angstrom for 32 bit Ubuntu. Does anyone have it?

Thank you!


I’m in the same boat. ( ) has been down for about three days, and it’s what everybody points to for setting up cross compiling.

If anybody has a copy of this file (or any version really), or know of a working link, please let me know:

~ Eric

It’s not helpfull for your 32 bit problem but if anyone needs the 64bit version you can find it on this link

It’s under

  1. Download and install the cross compile toolchain

I hope it helps some people.

Hi Tomasso

I’m also looking for the angstrom toolchain.

Did you manage to get it.


Internet Archive Wayback Machine

I typed in the Browser History window:

On the Calender I clicked on August 23 of 2013 (It is the latest date highlighted)

The toolchains are in the window:

as displayed in my browser address window.

I’m using stuff from the Yocto project

Hi Tommaso,

I shared the with you over google drive.
I hope it’s the right one.


It’s working, thanks!

I try to get a 32bit qt toolchain too. The Angstrom is still down. Could anybody share a copy? Thanks!