Does anyone know the procedure of eye diagram test of omap3530 otg port + twl4030 on beagle board?


To collect an eye diagram, follow the instructions on the USB-IF
compliance page:

I believe the 't-pkt' functionality described at is in
the diagnostic kernel for the purposes of being able to generate the
required test packets.

An example eye-diagram for the EHCI port is shown at

It would be helpful if you provided any delta information you find on
the procedure for running this on the OTG port as this was done, but
never required collaboration and did not get publicly documented.

You may also require some of the software at:


Thank you very much for the info. I feel I am heading to the right
direction now.

the command """echo "t-pkt" > /sys/devices/platform/ehci-omap.0/
port1""" in (
USBHostTestREPRODUCE) is for the SMSC's USB host controller. Do you
know what should I use in place of "ehci-omap.0/port1" for OMAP's otg

Thanks a lot