Does it supports FreeRTOS


I am new to this…Does beaglebone black supports FreeRTOS…


Actually, FreeRTOS is a kind of “micro Kernel” OS, that is, the Kernel is SoC independent. It is supported on anything it can be compiled to, and is reasonable resourceful. Since it works on 8bit controllers, 1000 times faster BBB is ok.
Porting to a new SoC requires connecting System timer and some wrappers around interrupts.

There are other potential problems:

  • drivers for all peripherals, there are hundreds of them in BBB and each requires many registers settings and configurations.
  • MMU, that is memory management unit, and DRAM configuration. These two things needs to be configured, if the whole effort is expected to make sense.

If theses are not already done, and there is no simple C code to borrow, the effort will be rather huge.


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I am new to this....Does beaglebone black supports FreeRTOS....

Does freertos run on ARM? If it does than it may run on BBB.

Looks like there are several ports to Cortex-M series ARM devices, but
I don't see any Cortex-A series ports [1]. Someone did a community
contribution of a port to a BeagleBoard a few years ago, but they seem
to have removed the repository [2]. Googling did return some other
sources, but nothing conclusive [3]. Be sure to adjust the one
regulator that is different between BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black.

[3] GitHub - wayling/FreeRTOS_Beaglebone: porting FreeRTOS to Beaglebone