Does not match the target endianness error on beagleboard

hi all

i m using ccstudiov5 to debug beagleboard using xds100v2 jtag emulator.

i have used these settings

GEL : omap3530_cortexA.gel

Buid options: target : generic cortex-A8 processor

Device endianness :be32

output format:ELF

when i try to load the program

i m getting these errors…

Cortex_A8_0: GEL: File: C:\Users\Admin\omap_jtag_ccv5\helloworld1\Debug\helloworld1.out Does not match the target endianness, not loaded. Check project build options and target configuration file (ccxml).

i also use DM3730evm GEL file but same error appears.

ti e2e people are not responding… how can i resolve this issue ?

Hi there,

I believe the issue will be resolved by changing the parameters Device endianness: be32 to some value that represents little-endian

I would guess that it is pertaining to the storage on your device and it looks like beagleboard default build parameters use littleendianess. Thinking be32 is referring to Big-endian Fat 32 using similar notation you can try looking in the manual or try le32 (no grantees there)

Hope this helps