Don't do this.... be careful

In trying to gently pry apart my cape stack I accidentally got the pencil I was using to gently pry the 2 capes apart mispositioned such that it used my nice new 32GB SD card as a leverage point and broke it off in the SD card slot where now the part that formerly stuck out of the slot is now a separate piece resting in my other hand. It didn’t look that bad in subdued light and looked like it may actually still work but alas my beagle no longer boots from that card. The good thing is that the card sacrificed itself and the bone came out unscathed but it looks like my last 2 days work in getting that 32GB card just as I wanted are now for nothing as the card is broken in multiple pieces. Bottom line be careful separating capes and working around the SD card slot in general. It’s placement is easy to bump and not realize it resulting in at a minimum an unseated SD card or possibly broken hardware, either the beagle or the sd card or something else. Trust me, being rewarded by getting to keep both pieces is no fun at all!