Dont see two partitions on SDcrad as shown in the lectures when a latest debian image is flashed on SD card

I Just flashed a latest Debian image available at Beaglebone website on a Sdcard.

When i connected the Sdcrad to PC i can see:

  1. Only one partition

  2. file system type: ext4

  3. boot flag is set.

  4. Partition named as rootfs.

My questions are:

—Why there is only one partition on Sd card?

—I dont see MLO, Uboot, and dtbfiles at the root directory of the boot partition as shown in lecture?

—where are the above said files present? If present at different locations how RBL is knowing that?

This was changed around 4 years ago… your lecture documents are a little out of date.

MLO/uboot is in the MBR, right where RBL expects them… ( look up raw mode in the am335x manual )

Dtb/kernel under /boot/


Hi sir,

I wanted to know Why this Debian images creates only one ROOTFS parrtition in SD card after flashing it?



It’s more reliable, more space efficient, and new users are less likely to delete files they can’t see, thus breaking the boot chain.

Feel free to search the forum history, the 3rd reason was BIG problem for new users on this list…