Download image into Beagle Board


Hi All,
i recently bought Beagle Board (OMAP 3530). I just started working on it. And i’m new to Linux and Beagle board. I didn’t find how to download image into beagle board. Can any one please help me on building and downloading the image.

Where can i find the BSP for Beagle Board.?

Can we download through Serialport?

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance.

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Try this link Eswar,


Thanks for reply Mark .
I already tried the link. Beagle board displaying on serial port terminal. But i didn’t get how to download new image into ROM through serial port in to beagle board.

And where can i find the Source code BSP for Beagle board.

can you suggest where can i find the BSP for the beagle board.
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use mmc boot, refer beagleboard diagonictics page