[Driver Installer Issue]Beagleboard Inquire from Keystone Taiwan

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First, thanks for Jason’s kindly help. Following your guide, our colleagues had successfully changed the image within the driver installer of Beagle Bone.

However, we encounter an issue related to 64 bit Windows OS with some computer, but not everyone. The installer will prompt the error message, “dpinist.exe can not be correctly started(0xc000007b)”, and then the isntaller will be terminated.

But, the same computer with the same Windows OS will not ecnouter such issue if we use your default driver installer. Your default installer can be installed successfully without any issue.

Would you please let us know what will casue such issue? Is there any process needed to be handled when we rebuild the installer?

Many Thanks.

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William Chang(Chinese : 張世維)

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Can you confirm you used the 64-bit version of dpinst.exe when you rebuilt? It seems the error occurs when the wrong version is run, at least according to http://www.gadgetsupersite.com/0xc00007b-error-fix/. I’m not sure how much I trust that article though. I’d just like for you to test that you have properly resigned the install apps and have used the correct bit-version of dpinst.exe.