Driving Solid State Relays

We have built a building automation system that runs on the BBB, (it is a .NET/mono based solution). One of the less elegant and more expensive parts of the solution is there are multiple layers of relays to support controlling high-energy devices like large motors. We use a device from controlanything.com via RS-232 which then in turn drives large electromagnetic motor contactors.

What i think would be an amazing solution would be to have an array of solid state relays controlled almost directly by the I/O channels on the BBB, but i don’t think the capacity for current on those channels is quite enough.

Has anyone ran across a cape (or just an external board) that has SSR’s and appropriate amplifiers to take a digital I/O signal, or alternatively, a simple amplifying cape using transistors from a high power source?

I actually came here looking on how I can get a capermit I'm working on out there. It doesn't have SSRs on it but rather exposes GPIO lines protected by a transistor. It will drive 3V3 and use 2-pin JST connectors. I built a prototype to run some appliances attached via a Powerswitch Tail II device but my profile is not pretty at all. I'm also exploring a wireless remote solution instead of the JST connectors but that's way down the road.
if this idea is interesting let me know and I will see what I can do.