DSP bridge create node failed


I am trying to get the DSP working withdsp bridge on a linux kernel 3.5.7 running on my DM3730. I used this guide:

#### BeagleBoard/DSP Howto - eLinux.orgelinux.org

Under the section: Building the user space binaries, there is a link on a repository, with which you can build your own dsp and gpp binaries. I tested the ping-sample. It nearly works, but the error “Create node failed” comes up. With this warning, that allocating the node works! I had the same result when using teh dsp-for-dummies sample:

#### Beagle Board Challenge: SuperBeagle - Texas Instruments Wikiprocessors.wiki.ti.com

There, I had to change the API-Level from 1 to 2. But I cant figure out how to to something similar in the upper sample. I think it has something todo with the tconf - configuration, but I do not completly understand what tconf does.

Is there anybody else working with the dsp at the moment?

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