DSP Link for OMAP3530 is open


DSP Link for OMAP3530 is made openly available to all.

DSP/BIOS Link 1.5x Releases General releases for DM6446, DM6467,
OMAP2530, and OMAP3530





on the TI website I read: "Starting with Link 1.51, Link now comes as
two product deliverables: a porting kit with a proprietary license and
a Linux Link product that includes GPL'd code for the kernel portions
of Link."

Does it mean that there's now 2 Link "complete" packages (one
proprietary and one GPL'd), or that we need both of them and that only
the kernel driver (dsplinkk.ko) is now GPL'd whereas the user space
lib remains under a proprietary license?


It means that there are two complete packages. There is a porting kit
with a proprietary license for those who don't want the burden of
sharing derived source and a Linux version. The Linux version is GPL
for the kernel space and BSD for the user space, so completely open

Codec Engine and Link recipes are now part of Open Embedded and there
are some builds as part of the Angstrom Distribution. In the future,
there will be codecs available for download (at least closed-source
binaries) and more examples.

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