DSP on beagle board

Hi Khasim,

I am a grad student working on implementing image processing algorithms on
beagle board.Up to now I have compiled OpenCV(OE ) and run face detection
application on beagle board. It took around 6 min to compute the
operations.Only choice left to me is to offload the programs to the DSP on
beagle board.

I have done with .ping test but how can I build the Angstrom image including
DSP link using Open Embedded tool.

DSP Link is already integrated in OE, you should be able to use the
same. I am not sure if there is a opkg package install for the same.

Also, I suggest you to try default Angstrom image from Koen.

Suppose If I develop a DSP code(ie convolution using CC), how can I run it
on DSP from GPP application, I am confused from past one week could you
please help me with that.

See below links (courtesy chase maupin).


While these are for OMAP L 1x, the DSP side app integration should be similar.



You might also want to look at these resources to get DSPLink
installed in your host development environment.


Good luck, the learning curve is steep but hopefully these resources
will help. I think the end result will be worth it.


Using OE should should be able to bitbake ti-codec-engine and install
the ti-dsplink-apps package in your image. (this is for oe.dev, the
names may be slightly different in stable).

You will need to read the ti-codec-engine bitbake file and setup the
TI tools and dsplink code from TI first.


The recipes in .dev setup the dsp tools for you, you only need to download them yourself.