DSP on beagleboard


I am trying to use the DSP of my C4 beagleboard following the
instructions on http://code.google.com/p/opencv-dsp-acceleration/wiki/Instruction_For_Building_Examples
I walked through steps one to five successfully and I copied the
necessary files from Open Embedded to my Angstrom SD-Card; i.e.,
dsplinkk.ko, lpm_omap3530.ko, cmemk.ko, ./loadmoudles.sh, ./
unloadmoudles.sh, remote_ti_platforms_evm3530_opencv.xv5T,
c6accel_omap3530.x64P, and libopencvdsp.so at appropriate places.

After successfully running ./loadmoudles.sh, I tried ./
remote_ti_platforms_evm3530_opencv.xv5T. Since then, it keeps giving
me the following error:

./remote_ti_platforms_evm3530_opencv.xv5T: symbol lookup error:
./ remote_ti_platforms_evm3530_opencv.xv5T: undefined symbol:

I googled this error but did not manage to find anything. Does anybody
know what I can do about this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help,