DSP-RPC-POSIX GSoC Weekly Report #11


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Status and Accomplishments
• an elementary version of the mechanism to be able to pass
DSP-allocated (stack or heap) buffers to RPC functions is now in
place. what essentially happens is that when the GPP side detects a
non-CMEM-allocated buffer is passed as a parameter, it uses PROC_read
to read from the DSP memory and copy this into a regular GPP buffer
which the functions can access.

how does it know the size of the buffer to copy?

That's why I called it "elementary" :slight_smile: you can explicitly state that
the parameter is a null-terminated string so it reads up the whole
string up to the null terminator, but otherwise there's no way of
telling (is there?) so I just copy a fixed number of bytes (I'm
thinking of making this adjustable in the stub so that things can be
tailored according to need).