DSP video decoding

Hi All,
I'm hacking Gentoo linux on beagleboard (based on the Neuvoo project).
I managed to get the gnome desktop running with the usual components.
I can also play movies with totem: xf86-video-omapfb, gst-xvimagesink,
gst-ffmpeg(with neon I think) works.
Now I would like to add DSP decoding capabilities, and at this point I
became quite confused.

According to this page: http://wiki.davincidsp.com/index.php/GStreamer
I have 3 options: gst-dmai, gst-openmax, gst-dsp

Which one to take?
What are the pros/cons of each?
How to difficult to acquire code, compile, get it working?

It would be great is someone could share with me some ideas/thoughts
or provide pointers!


First, gst-dmai uses dsp-link, whereas gst-openmax and gst-dsp use dsp-bridge:

chances of going upstream.

On the GStreamer side I'm not sure about gst-dmai, but I guess you
need at least codeengine and DMAI. For gst-openmax you would need
tiopenmax and libbridge, and gst-dsp has no dependencies.

So I would recommend gst-dsp, but I'm biased, since that's what we use
in Maemo 5 :slight_smile: