Has anyone tried running dspeasy examples on the Beagleboard?
I am running example given at "dspeasy/trunk/test/c6runlib/cio_fxns"
When i do "make" it generate 2 executables one for arm (cio_fxns_arm)
and one for dsp (cio_fxns_dsp).
Do we have to specify both executable while running this on the
I tried using just one arm executable and the example worked fine.
I wonder how it worked?


Hi… bhargav…

I don’t remember exactly, because I tried that for a long time ago…
I just have some document slides and sources code with me.
I’ll let you read this slides just in case it may help you.

TI-Daniel-Allred-DSP_41835.ppt (255 KB)


The two executables are completely independent - the one with the ‘arm’ suffix runs only on the GPP and the one with the ‘dsp’ suffix is the one running on the DSP. This was meant for comparison purposes (ie to show that the same source can be compiled both by the regular ARM compiler as well as the C6Run cross-compiler, and to compare speed/functionality etc)

In short, it’s the one with the dsp suffix that C6Run (formally dspeasy) actually generates, and the one you are probably interested in.