DSPLib or FFTLib on BB-AI64?

Has anyone successfully gotten DSPLIB or FFTLIB to work on their BB-AI64? I’d like to run any example of any kind for either of these libraries using the C7x or C6x DSP cores.

The TI code and docs is heavily focused on their EVM.

The closest I’ve gotten is downloading the TI Processor SDK-RTOS for J721E v I go to fftlib_02_06_01_00, and run:
% CGT7X_ROOT=/usr make

This ends in “[C7X] Compiling C++ FFTLIB_debugPrintMatrix3D.cpp
“/usr/include/stdint.h”, line 26: fatal error #1965: cannot open source file “bits/libc-header-start.h””

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Myself, I would buy the EVM. Get your code running on it then port it over the AI64. Doing it that way at least you know the code is good and it just becomes porting it to the BB.

Well sure, except for it’s $1900 for the EVM vs $185 I’ve already spent on the BB-AI64. But, I get your point. :slight_smile:

What board are you looking at this one is $250.

I was not aware this existed–I only found the TI EVM that has the socketed board then a separate processor board. Thanks for the pointer.

Still, it would be nice if we could run DSPLIB/FFTLIB on the BB-AI64…

You should be able to exploit the pre-cooked code to get upto speed on the board fairly quickly. Ti has instructions on how to port the evm code over to a custom board like the BP/AI64. If you decide to get the board might consider the jtag interface. I have that for AM62 evm and it works good, CCS is a little flaky but it is a workable option.