DSPNode_Allocate failed error

We're using the angstrom file system and also built the userspace
following the instructions.
We're able to boot it on the beagle board as well. But the problem is
that when I'm trying to run the sample applicatios
such as ping, dynreg etc.. This is what happens:
root@beagleboard:/home/brige_test# ./ping.out
DSP device
detected !!
DSPNode_Allocate failed: 0x80008008
Could you please hellp me out to resolve it out..
What could be the possibility for this error..? should I take some
other file system?
Its urgent...
Thanks and regards,
Aparna Gopinath

Why not use dsplink, that's running well on omap3 and supported by angstrom and TI. All the necessary kernel modules, userspace and even codecs are available from the angstrom feeds.



Did you follow the wiki?