DSS2 basic questions


I just started looking at the new DSS driver as I want to use the OMAP hardware overlay and scaling system. The new driver would appear to offer that. I read the "OMAP2/3 Display Subsystem" document but I have a few (possibly dumb) questions. If you know the answers I'd appreciate some advice.

1. I want to create new framebuffers of varying size. I'd like to change their resolution from my application. How would I go about that?

2. How do I define a new overlay and erase an existing one from my application?

3. I want to use overlays to scale a framebuffer onto a display. It seems this is an intended use. However when I change the output size with the sysfs interface the new values are silently ignored. If I change the x or y offset to anything other than 0, I get "setup overlay failed" (because I can't reduce the output size?). What am I doing wrong?