In this repo https://github.com/RobertCNelson/dtb-rebuilder

The make script allows us to rebuild then make install the files.

This is all fine.

I am curious if the make script can take a parameter such as a kernel version.

In my automation I run "/opt/tools/update_kernel.sh " which works great.

After that step I want to rebuilt the DTBs and install them. The problem however is that the beaglebone has not yet rebooted at that point so the OS runtime at that moment is on the previous kernel.

The make script uses ‘uname -r’ to fill in the spots where things are built / installed.

What is the method to pass in a kernel version into this script? I am not a pro at Make files so knowing all about what is going on in that particular script is a work in progress. I can see where uname -r is used .

My goal is to rebuild and place the dtbs before the reboot so it can boot with the proper base dtb.



Hi Neil,

Thx! nice commit :slight_smile:

so I could then do make KERNEL_VERSION=4.4.27-ti-r62 install