DTS for keyboard Keys question

Hello there,
I am trying to create a dts file for an 8 buttons keyboard. The pins I am using are:

HDMI is turned off. Using Dereks molloy book, I have found an example dts file for P9_15 key: https://pastebin.com/kKp3ji7s

There are 2 main parts for me:

pinctrl-single,pins = <
0x040 0x37 // P9_15 pull-up mode 7 GPIO1_16


This first one is quite straight forward for me, I have chnaged it to my needs:

pinctrl-single,pins = <
0x0d0 0x37 // P8_35 pull-up mode 7
0x0c8 0x37 // P8_36 pull-up mode 7
0x0b8 0x37 // P8_39 pull-up mode 7
0x0bc 0x37 // P8_40 pull-up mode 7
0x0b0 0x37 // P8_41 pull-up mode 7
0x0b4 0x37 // P8_42 pull-up mode 7
0x0a8 0x37 // P8_43 pull-up mode 7
0x0ac 0x37 // P8_44 pull-up mode 7


The problem is I dont know how to config this part:

button_P9_15 {
debounce_interval = <50>;
linux,code = <28>;
label = “button9_15”;
gpios = <&gpio2 16 0x1>;


I dont know how to interpret “gpios = <&gpio2 16 0x1>;”. I Think that 16 0x1 stands for Gpio1[16], but I dont know what does &gpio2 stands for. Please correct me if I am wrong. What would be the configuration for the P8_44 button? I tried “gpios = <&gpio2 9 0x2>;” but that did not work. The overlay loaded but the button doesnt work. It is wired correctly though. I Would aprichiate all help.

Well, first is this v3.8.x or anything later?

In 3.8.x: Gpio1[16] = &gpio2
while, in 3.14.x: Gpio1[16] = &gpio1 :wink:

So for 3.8.x: GPIO1[16]

gpios = <&gpio2 16 0x1>;

&gpio2 = GPIO1
16 = 16


This is 3.8+.
So is gpio2 = &gpio3? Then in my case, if my button lines are internally pulled up and the keys short them to gnd, should i use:
gpios = <&gpio3 9 0x0>; ?



Thank you, gonna test it asap.

I have just tested the dts again. My configruation is a tact switch connecting the line to ground. The line is internally pulled up. When i used:
gpios = <&gpio3 9 0x0>;
The letters apperead when i released the button, not when i pressed it. When i changed to:
gpios = <&gpio3 9 0x1>;
The letters apperad on a button press. It seems like is the way around. 1 means falling edge and 0 is rising edge. Is this correct?

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