DVD/CD playback

If i add CONFIG_BLK_SR to the kernel build i am able to mount a usb
DVD-ROM drive and can view the contents of a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM disc.
mplayer will also play back a file on the disc no problem.

Could someone add this kernel build option to the angstrom

Currently the mplayer built does not have dvd playback support. Is
this something which should just work when compiled in - or are the
mplayer neon optimizations not going to work with this so that it
would run very slowly? Also, even with the neon optimizations is the
omap3 fast enough to handle dvd playback?

I'm also interested in cdda playback but until the sound issues are
resolved i am at a dead end here.



OMAP3 (with or without NEON) can definitely run CDDA and DVD VOBs. You
might need to have mplayer run with -cache enabled so that datarate
issues do not appear.