DVI cape .dts file for BeagleBone Black

Hello there,
I am looking for a device tree overlay file for this cape:

I have found 3 dvi cape files here: https://github.com/beagleboard/linux/tree/3.8/firmware/capes
But they are for standard BeagleBone and I was not abble to modify them to work with BeagleBone Black, I was receiving message:
“no such file or directory” everytime i tried to echo the .dtbo file to slots…

I would aprichiate all help.

I have done another approach. I booted the BeagleBone Black from a standard debian image on a sd card. I turned off hdmi and emmc and turned on the BB-BONE-DVID-01 dts. Then when I booted, I could for a second see something on the screen, but it seemd like there is a sycing problem, as it was only some blurry like. When In the debug window i have seen:

[ 26.468200] tilcdc 4830e000.fb: timeout waiting for framedone

and the screen went black. Does anyone know what could be the case?

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