DVI connector

I just want DVI-D to VGA convertor…where can i get that in bangalore?please tell me |

DVI-Digital to VGA-Analog requires an expensive converter. Most
people opt for using a monitor with a DVI-Digital input.

There are VGA signals on a DVI-D connector. But, in beagleboard they are not used. So, a cheap DVI-D to VGA converter cannot be used.
I tried connecting a DVI-D to VGA converter, which directly uses the VGA signals on the DVI-D port and this did not work. More investigation revealed that these signals are not used. I will be more than happy if I am wrong :).


Strictly speaking, the pins you are referring to are the DVI-A
(DVI-Analog) interface. Devices which support both DVI-A and DVI-D are
known as DVI-I (DVI-Integrated) devices. The beagleboard is a DVI-D
device and thus only produces a digital signal over the DVI-D pins. Just
thought that might clear up some confusion. Good luck!

- Ben