dvi-d cape for bone

Just recieved the DVI-D cape I ordered for my bone. A couple questions about the board…

  1. It looks like it’s missing a whole bunch of components and there are references both in the git documentation and on the board to sound connections and abilities. Should this board have had more components mounted and have hardware for sound as well? are these boards available with sound hardware? how does one get one that does sound as well as video as referenced in the git archive?

  2. What video resolutions is this board capible of?

  3. If I add usb/bluetooth keyboard/mouse, should I expect to see console appear on the connected display?


The missing components are the audio circuit. That is not populated on the DVI-D cape. They are supposed to be missing. The sound version, which is more expensive, is not yet available. In other words it is not yet for sale because the audio is not yet working. When it is that Will be available under a different orderable number. The DVI-D is DVI-D only.

It will handle the maximum resolution of the processor. 1024x768 is the optimum resolution.

You will see the console screen show up if you are using the latest image for the BeagleBone. Connecting a keyboard will allow you to type onto the console that shows up on your monitor. I use a BT based keyboard all the time. That assumes that the one you have selected has a Linux driver.



Thanks for the quick reply. Can you suggest a bluetooth adapter that’s known to work with the bone (via usb). That’s probably the direction I’m headed in for connecting keyboard, mouse, serial, audio, etc.


So far every BT based keyboard combo I have tried seems to work just fine. I will check at the office tomorrow and see what I have there. I have several. This one is a small compact one I use that works great.


You can find it all over the place.


Looks like a nice keyboard/mouse combo. what about the adaptors that plug into usb that give a device bluetooth capability? it’s the hardware on the bone side I’m asking about. I realize that once that works anything that is compliant with the requsite bluetooth profile ought work fine, but the bone needs to have working bluetooth hardware first. I’m looking to do that via a known usb th bluetooth adaptor. looking for suggestions on known supported usb/bluetooth adaptors. suggestions?


If the adapter is supported by the Linux Kernel it should work.