I’m using DB-9 cable to connect beagleboard-xM to PC. But will it boot if i connect to a monitor using DVI-D to HDMI cable?

Its booting Correctly using serial connection, i wanted to connect to monitor using DVI-D to HDMI. will there be any problems or extra settings for booting in this way?

I think you should try it before ask this question.

If you monitor can accept the default configuration you should be fine. I suggest you try it. I don’t see it causing harm to your monitor to try it.


Thanks, my monitor has only VGA port, so i need to buy HDMI to VGA cable. But i read in one of the forums that only HDMI-DVI-D will work.

Will HDMI-DVI-D work, because i dont ve all cables to experiment with.

sorry HDMI-VGA

HDMI to VGA will need to be an expensive adapter. There is no VGA signals in the DVI-D that is put out.

Do not buy the cheap adapters. They will never work.

You are better off getting a VGA add on board. It is a lot cheaper.


Thanks. what about beagleboard HDMI to monitor HDMI cable.

HDMI has to analog. DVI however does. If you had that it has the analog signals. HDMI is only digital. And the DVI-D signaling, the digital piece, is the same on HDMI and DVI-D.


prasanna kumar wrote:

Thanks. what about beagleboard HDMI to monitor HDMI cable.

yes, HDMI to HDMI works