DVI Input to Beagleboard-xm

Hello -

I need to get DVI input to the Beagleboard-xm. I understand that I
can do this through the LCD header expansion. Is there an expansion
board available that will allow me to do this?

If not, what exactly would developing such support entail?

I could also use a DVI to usb adapter, but I would prefer for the
solution to be more cost effective if possible.


The LCD expansion headers are outputs, the same signals that drive the DVI-D output on the connector. Are you wanting to send DVI or receive DVI on the board?


I want to receive DVI on the board. I have a camera that outputs DVI and I want to send that into the board.


The best way to do that would be to design a board that connects to the camera connector or find a DVI to USB converter. Those are the only two ports on the board that could be used to receive that type of information.


you could maybe do that using the camera connector on the BB XM and
some "glue" logic that would convert your DVI signal to something
the CCDC understands.

What would all go into designing a board to connect to the camera connector, ie what components would I need?

That is something that would require a full up design. You would need a DVI-D to parallal converter. Then there is the bit issue. DVI-D is 24 bits, but there are only 12 bits on the camera inteface, so you may need to do some muxing. Then there is the question of framerate tht you need. It will not be na easy task.