DVI reset error and can not load omapfb driver


I was trying to setup BB kernel based on 2.6.38-2. The kernel booted up ok to bash; however, it failed to load the omapfb driver. Here is the boot error I got:

Unable to get DVI reset GPIO
Power Management for TI OMAP3.
omapfb omapfb: no driver for display
omapfb omapfb: failed to setup omapfb

This same error was tested on BB revision B and C.

I looked at the board gpio setup code (based on kernel 2.6.38-2), and noticed that was tied to GPIO_129 or GPIO_170 depending on the version of the BB.
However, when I looked at the schematic for Rev B or C, I noticed that those pins are not connected and used for enabling DVI. I noticed that the dvi pullup enable signal (DVI_PUP) was actually tied to the TPS65950 power regulator chip. This is probably the only reason why the omapdss and omapfb were never loaded. Would someone please shed some light on this matter?

btw, I am using the stock 2.6.32-2 kernel, and i did minor touch up to board/platform setup for detecting BB rev. C.


is there a possibility because i was using the mainstream kernel instead of the omap or TI development branch?