DVI to LVDS board for $40?

There is a way to purchase a DVI-D to LVDS board for $40.
But it limits you to a LVDS panels.

Gerald, do you remember where information on this dvi to LVDS board is

Actually, this turned out to be a backward board. It turned LVDS into DVI. I don’t know that it will do you much good. The problem with LVDS is that htere is no real stnadard as it relates to connectors, voltages, and bit stuffing. There are several different oes out there. So, it depnds on what you need in your panel. It all starts with the panel.


Yes, thanks Gerald

It seems that I will go with a SN75LVDS83A and a custom connector (or even a resitor ladder with the vga driver, and call it a day)


Good luck!