DVSDK 3_00_00_29 compilation for Beagle Board

Hi ,

I was using the kernel from the link http://code.google.com/p/beagleboard/wiki/BeagleBoardDiagnostics
but now I am using 2.6.28 and Angstom filesys from

Using this set up I am able to encode, decode the videos on Beagle
using DSP coprocessor, but as part of filesys the codec

engine encodeCombo.x64P decodeCombo.x64P ,sample app
video_encode_io1_omap3530.x470MV , video_decode_io2_omap3530.x470MV ,

loadmodules.sh cmemk,dsplinkk and lpm_omap3530 are provided. It is
similar to the dvsdk CE,sample apps and loadmodules. I

have dvsdk 3_00_00_29 but the same apps and codec engine is not
working on Beagle Board. I found 1 diff in kernel version ,

DVSDK is compiled for 2.6.22 and on Beagle we are using 2.6.28 but
when I tried with 2.6.22 then also the dvsdk 3_00_00_29

apps are not working.

some of the errors like Failed to open Target Board is coming. What
may be the target board name on Beagle. If I change the

target board name for Beagle then DVSDK is not being compiled

My requirement is to compile the DVSDK for Beagle Board and make the
sample apps and codec engine from DVSDK 3_00_00_29 work

on Beagle. How is this possible? It seems people in this have compiled
the DVSDK for Beagle and they have ported is

successfully. What all changes do I need to do in DVSDK to compile it
successfully for BeagleBoard I want 2.6.28 kernel code which is
compiled for Beagle.



I have used DVSDK 3_00_00_29, and have compiled successfully
following it's guide. it's not work on beagleboard, I also use kernel
2.6.22 and file system in DVSDK 3_00_00_29, but it's not work either.
this kernel and the file system of DVSDK is not for beagleboard. you
can use it to compile code engine "encodeCombo.x64P decodeCombo.x64P",
it can be use on beagleboard, maybe(not sure). it must be compiled
with the kernel in the DVSDK. if you used another kernel, for example,
the kernel 2.6.28 from OE repository, I doubt it can be compiled
successfully against DVSDK.

I have ran gstreamer && DSP for video, but remains some issues,
include the card error from "mmc 84-trans..", later on hang at there.
hope some one know can give any help.

I hope these info can give you any help.