EEprom corrupted?

Hi Christian,

I have found the same Issue as you using quantal-armhf, it’s a Ubuntu version for ARM.

[ 3.137207] The error message above indicates that there is an issue with
[ 3.137207] the EEPROM or the EEPROM contents. After verifying the EEPROM
[ 3.137237] contents, if any, refer to the am335x_evm_setup function in the
[ 3.137237] arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-am335xevm.c file to modify the board
[ 3.137237] initialization code to match the hardware configuration

I found that this Issue is made reference in the BBB_SRM point 7.11.3 and it refers that the EEPROM issue happens:
the document says that “this does expose the EEPROM to being corrupted if the I2C2 bus is used on the cape and the wrong address written to.”

Maybe it is problem from the boot and kernel save in the SD card that is wrong compilate, I would try with other version
I would like to ask if you have already found some solution for that Issue, because perhaps I am totally wrong.